Monday, December 27, 2010


Visual Asylum is proud to announce recent work for National Geographic School Publishing! We are so excited to reveal this work done of our client, Michael Farmer and the team at National Geographic School Publishing. REACH is a systemic approach to educating ESL (English Second Language) learners in grades K-5. The design intent included the use of animal characters "built" out of various objects, textures and cultures, to help students, who may be new to the country and new to the English language relate to the content in a friendly, approachable way. The REACH program is designed to move students through the content quickly, the leveled books are not necessarily tied to "grades," allowing for students at any age to engage with the program. 

All student edition covers, each leveled reader is color coded,
as well as distinguished with a unique illustration.
Teacher edition, spiral bound, student edition and student practice workbook.

Brand extension to include a Phonics program.
Teacher edition included color coded tab and section dividers, specific to each level.
Additional teacher tools, large flip books and teacher edition spiral book.
Illustrations by Joel Sotelo.

Kindergarten  has two volumes.